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The History of GGYA

For life skills including negotiation, research, communication, problem solving and presentation skills.

Our Programme’s Patron is Her Excellency The Most Honourable Dame Marguerite, Lady Pindling, DCMG, Governor General of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

Her Excellency The Most Honourable Dame Marguerite, Lady Pindling, DCMG, is ninth Governor General of The Bahamas, having taken Office on 8th July 2014.

Here are some notable achievements from the programme since 1987.

GGYA Timeline


  • Board of Trustees and National Council set up.


  • Hiring of 1st National Executive Director; only country in the Caribbean to hire full time Award Director.
  • Prince Edwards visits Bahamas.


  • Opening of 1st National Award Authority (NAA) office.


  • 2nd National Director Executive appointed.
  • First Gold Awards presented since re-starting and presented by HRH Prince Philip
  • 1st Newsletter published.
  • 1st Family Island units established.
  • National Family Island Adventurous Journey began under the name of: The Bahamas Award Scheme Expedition (BASE).
  • 1st time participating in Junior Junkanoo.


  • Bermuda Gold Award group takes part in BASE.
  • HRH Prince Philip presents Gold Awards.


  • Adventurous Journey Panel appointed.
  • Recipient of Ministry of Youth Outstanding Youth Program.
  • Adventurous Journey Panel appointed.


  • Hosted the Caribbean Award Scheme Council (CASC) AGM/Adventurous Journey for the first time.
  • Gold Award Holders Association (GAHA) established.


  • Name change/new logo/first GGYA booklet published.


  • Ministry of Youth Award.
  • Prince Edward presents Gold Awards.


  • HRH Prince Phillips visits Bahamas rally held at Government House.


  • GGYA Leaders’ 1st conference.
  • Scotland group from Dundee participate in BASE.


  • Granted full membership in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Association
  • Attended Forum in South Africa.


  • Prince Edwards presents Gold Awards.
  • HRH Prince Phillips attends function at Lyford Cay


  • Development Officer hired.
  • Part-Time Development Officer on Grand Bahama in place.
  • 1st Adventurous Journey Sailing venture to six Bahamian Family Islands.
  • Award group from Saskatchewan, Canada take part in BASE.
  • Recipient of Special Projects Grant.
  • Family Island Coordinators appointed (volunteers).
  • GAH attends International Gold Event in Canada.


  • First International Review.
  • GAHA re-established after 6 years absence.
  • Hiring of two GAH as Part-Time Field Officers.
  • Over 1,000 persons registered for GGYA; largest numbers in history of the program.
  • 1st Americas Region Representative appointed.


  • Opened GGYA office on Grand Bahama Island.
  • Gold Award Holder awards Ministry of Youth for Outstanding Community Service.
  • Silver awardees receives award for Outstanding Youth in Education.


  • 31 received Gold Award; largest number to date.
  • Hosted Caribbean Award Scheme Council (CASC) for second time.
  • Ministry of Education Award.
  • GAH attends International Gold Event in Hong Kong and 2nd Americas Region representative.
  • 30% increase in participants.


  • Young offenders unit begins.
  • 72 at risk youth receive Bronze Award.
  • New Patron.
  • National Council Chair elected Chairman of the CASC Council.
  • 1st ever “Camp In” held in New Providence & Grand Bahama.
  • Web page set up.


  • 20th Anniversary of the Governor-General?s Youth Award Programme.
  • First set of commemorative stamps issued.
  • The Earl of Wessex visits Bahamas; rally at Government House.
  • Sailing Adventurous Journey to five Bahamian Islands.
  • Awards up 27%.
  • Chairman of National Council attends International Council (IC) meeting in UK.
  • 1st AIDS/HIV Awareness Day.
  • GGYA Logo Competition.
  • 2nd time participating in Junior Junkanoo.


  • Sir Orville appointed Chairman of the Board of Trustees.
  • New Coordinator in Grand Bahama.
  • New Providence hires full time Filed Officer.
  • 1st ever “Adventure Game” in New Providence.


  • The Earl of Wessex presents Gold Awards
  • Face book set up.
  • 1st ever Special people register.


  • New Look for GGYA logo.
  • Victor Chandler new Chairman for the National Council.
  • Partnership with Ministry of Youth – G.O.L.D Initiative.


  • The Earl of Wessex presents Gold Awards in New Providence and Grand Bahama.
  • GAH attends International Gold Event in Kenya and 3rd Americas Region representative.
  • Participate in Junior Junkanoo.


  • 25th Anniversary of the Governor-General’s Youth Award Programme.
  • Host CASC 2012 for the 3rd time.
  • Largest number to receive Gold Award – 43.
  • Elected to International Council.


  • Silver recipients up 50%.
  • 17% increase in volunteers.
  • Award ceremonies on New Providence, Abaco, Grand Bahama and Andros.
  • Retained Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation Conditional License.
  • The creation of a commemorative 40th Independence mural.


  • Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Review – Secured license.
  • Secured Government funding for fourth year – Gold Initiative Partnership.
  • Third in new participants joining for the region.
  • Two Gold Award Holders (GAH) attended the International Gold Event – South Korea.
  • GAH elected Americas Region Youth Rep. – fourth time.
  • 1,909 Registered – that’s an increase of 11%.
  • 612 Awards presented – increased by 19%.
  • Second bi-annual Bahamas Gold Event.
  • 5 New Units – C.H. Reeves Junior School, New Providence Classical School (New Providence), Alpha Omega Christian (Freeport), Agape Christian Academy (Abaco) and Deep Creek Middle School, (Eleuthera).


  • Overall Participation – 1828.
  • New Entrants – 1581.
  • Awards – 808.
  • 60 Units.
  • New Units: F. Adderley Junior, S.C. McPherson Junior, L.W. Young Junior , H.O. Nash Junior (New Providence),  & Sister Mary Patricia High (Freeport).
  • The Princess Royal, Princess Anne, & Her Excellency Dame Marguerite Pindling, Governor General presented Gold Awards.
  • Berry Islands gets first Awards.
  • New Field Officer for New Providence.
  • Online Record Book & Award training continued.
  • First kayaking adventure around New Providence Island.
  • First cycling expedition on Grand Bahama.
  • Bahamas 4th in the Americas Regional in participation and Awards that includes 17 countries (Canada, Belize and USA are ahead). Bahamas leads Caribbean countries.


  • 1,937 Registered – that’s an increase of 6%.
  • New Unit: Samuel Guy Pinder All Age School (Eleuthera).
  • GAH receives the Prime Minister’s Award Cup for Outstanding Youth.
  • 10th Royal Visit from The Earl of Wessex who presented Gold Awards.
  • The Earl of Wessex visit Abaco.
  • Sir Orville Turnquest retirees as GGYA Board of Trustees.
  • New Chairman Board of Trustees – Mr. John Bethell.
  • National Executive attends IC Meeting in Buckinghamshire, U.K.
  • On-line Learning Hub.


  • Deputy elected Deputy Chair to Caribbean Award Sub-Regional Council (CASC) board.
  • Three volunteers nominated for Volunteer of the Year (one was runner up).
  • BTC sponsor 10 Gold participants for the North Andros Unit to attend Bahamas Award Super Expedition.
  • Approved by CASC to host Caribbean Award Sub-Regional Council Adventurous Journey 2018.
  • 31 received Gold Awards.
  • New Units: Education Alternative Learning Centre and Discovery Club.

Please be advised that our Office will be closed until further notice due to COVID-19. In the case of an emergency, please email us at ggya@coralwave.com. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused, but please stay safe! #WeAreGGYA