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When you are working toward your Bronze, Silver or Gold awards you are required to meet a certain amount of hours of a community service, skill, and physical recreation of your choice that you will keep track of in your GGYA record book. Your record book must be signed by an Assessor. An Assessor must be an experienced individual in the field you have chosen and will keep track and mark your progress. You are also required to complete an expedition as well as practice hikes. You create, plan and complete your own programme, making sure you have chosen an activity that counts for each section. And it does not matter if you have never done an activity before or if you have been doing it for years. You set your own challenges for each activity and need to prove you have got better whilst you are doing it.

Our programme allows young people to challenge themselves to get better and have fun doing it! With the help of their mentors and the support of their friends, they will have a rewarding and memorable experience, filled with teamwork and adventure.

Sign up for the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Online Record Book (ORB).

Achieving Your Award


Participants can choose from a variety of skills. Some examples include computer training, carpentry, fishing, painting, dj-ing, sailing, cooking, woodworking, learning to play an instrument, and Junkanoo costume design. Some will use the skills they develop as life-long hobbies while others use it as career training. Your Assessor will need to have some knowledge of the skill you are doing (e.g.- your mentor or teacher in the skill) so they can help you along the way and agree at the end that you have met your goals.


This part of your programme is all about getting active. You can do sports, dance or general fitness – you can choose to do something you are interested in. Some examples include judo, dance, basketball, swimming, track and field, pilates, yoga, and tennis. We also have a point scoring system with special provisions for the physically challenged. Your Assessor for your Physical section, is likely to be the person who is running the activity you do, for example your sports coach, dance teacher or gym instructor.


This part of the programme is usually the most rewarding. From conservation work to youth development, or from caring for animals to fundraising for your most passionate cause. There’s an endless list of opportunities to serve. Community service can include teaching a child how to read, repairing a dilapidated home, planting trees, fundraising or volunteering at organizations such as the Humane Society, or the Salvation Army. Your Assessor will be experienced in civic contribution and will be well positioned to measure your progress and assist in helping you to attain your goals.


Once per year the GGYA holds its annual national adventurous journey known as the Bahamas Award Scheme Expedition (BASE). Hiking, camping and expeditions are critical components of the GGYA programme. Our adventurous journeys are instructive in outdoor survival, build character and test physical and mental endurance. Supervised treks allow participants to learn leadership skills while bonding with fellow participants and learning from group leaders. You will be trained in route planning, map reading, camping skills, safety precautions and first aid. Adventurous journey routes may range between fifteen and fifty miles in distance, depending on the level of award. An adventurous journey may take place in Nassau or Freeport, on Rose Island, in the family islands or outside the Bahamas. GGYA also participate in the Caribbean Award Sub-Regional Council Adventurous Journey which is held on a Caribbean Island every year.


Other activities in which you may take part through the GGYA include youth marches, national service projects, coastal clean-ups, creek restorations and cultural events.

Bronze Award Requirements

AgePhysical RecreationSkillCommunity ServiceAdventurous JourneyAdditionally
14 yrs +3 months3 months3 months2 days/1 night expedition covering 15 miles3 months in either Service, Skill, or Physical Rec.

Silver Award Requirements

AgePhysical RecreationSkillCommunity ServiceAdventurous JourneyAdditionally
15 yrs +6 months6 months6 months3 days/2 night expedition covering 30 miles

If direct Silver 6 months in either Service, Skill, or Physical Rec.

Gold Award Requirements

AgePhysical RecreationSkillCommunity ServiceAdventurous JourneyAdditionally
16 yrs+12 months12 months12 months4 day/3 night expedition covering 60 miles5 days/4 nights Residential Project

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